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Absentee/ Free and Clear

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  • Zombie- Vacant/ Pre-foreclosure
  • Unknown Equity
  • High Equity/ Absentee
  • High Equity/ Pre-foreclosure
  • Vacants
  • Potentially Inherited

Absentee: Properties where the owner does not live there.

Apartments: Buildings with 5+ units.

Attached: Properties that are attached, or connected, to other properties, such as Townhomes and Rowhomes.

ARM: Properties where the owner has an adjustable rate mortgage.

Bad Credit: Properties that are owner occupied by people with bad credit.

Bank: Properties that are owned by banks or other financial institutions.

Bankruptcy: Properties where the owners have recently filed for bankruptcy.

Bored Investor: Absentee properties that have been owned for a long period of time.

Business: Properties owned by a business, such as a corporation or LLC.

Cash Buyers: Properties that have likely been bought with cash.

Condo: Apartments or houses that are individually owned within a building or complex.

Detached: Residential properties that are detached from other properties, commonly known as Single Family Home.

Elderly: Properties whose owners are 50+ years old.

Empty Nester: Properties where the owners children have moved out.

Foreclosure: Properties that have gone through the foreclosure process and have been foreclosed on.

Free & Clear: Properties that are owned without any mortgage.

Good Credit: Properties that are owner occupied by people with good credit.

Government: Properties that are owned by federal or local governments.

High Equity: Properties that have 40% or more equity.

Individual: Properties owned by individual where the title is in a persons name.

Land: Lots of land where no buildings or construction exists.

Long Term Owner: Properties where the owners have lived there for 30+ years.

Low Equity: Properties with 20% or less equity.

Multi-Family: A property with 2-4 units inside, such as a duplex, triplex, or quadplex

Mobile Homes: Prefabricated one-story property that can be transported

New Landlord: New unprofessional investors that have property under their individual name and have owned for 2 years or less.

Potentially Inherited: Properties that have characteristics of being potentially inherited either from parents-to-children or from spouse-to-spouse.

Pre-Foreclosure: Properties that are going through the foreclosure process, but have not yet completed the process. Check your state and county laws for rules about marketing to these leads.

Private Lenders: People who have been identified as having significant capital holdings which can be used as a funding source for your deals.

Renters: People between the ages of 21-45 with a household income of $100k+ who are currently renting an apartment or house.

Trusts: Properties that are held in a Trust.

Unknown Equity: Properties that have an unknown amount of equity. These are often overlooked by other investors.

Unknown Property: Properties that have no classification. These properties could be residential, commercial, land, etc., but they are very rarely being marketed to.

Upside Down: Properties that have a mortgage balance that is more than what the property is worth.

Vacant: Properties where no one is currently living at the premises.

Zombie: Properties that are both vacant and in pre-foreclosure.


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